We offer a number of services for our customers:

  • Repairs, Resizing and Remodelling of your existing jewellery. We also buy and sell carefully selected vintage, antique and second hand pieces and offer valuations on all jewellery and silverware.

  • Repairs to Silverware.

  • Repair and restoration of Antique and Vintage pieces as well as general repair service for all your jewellery.

  • Design your own wedding ring, engagement ring or other piece of jewellery with our goldsmith Stephen Thomas. For details please contact the shop directly on 01373 455332.

  • Watch & Clock repairs and restoration. Please contact the shop directly on 01373 455332 for details.

  • We can also arrange for your own personal Jewellery Insurance through our insurers TH March.

  • Valuations for Insurance or Probate.

    All valuations are correct on the date given. Gold and Silver prices fluctuate, as do market prices for precious and semi precious stones. It is recommended that for insurance purposes you have your insured jewellery re-valued at least every 2 years. Some insurers require an annual up-dated valuation; please check with your insurance company.  Our fee for valuations is £50 (incl VAT) per item but we may offer a discount for a number of items. We also offer a discount if you are happy to have PDF document emailed to you rather than have a printed copy; the fee for that service is £45 per item, but again a discount is offered for having multiple items valued.  

  • We give a free initial valuation for insurance purposes on all commissioned jewellery from Marchbank Jewellery Design Ltd at the point of sale. The fee covers the cost of assessment by our professionally accredited goldsmith, photographing the item to be valued and a valuation certificate with full colour photograph of the jewellery item. If you require a valuation on a commissioned item after the date of sale we have to charge the full rate since values may have changed. If you are happy to receive your valuation documents as a pdf via email we can offer a further 10% discount on our normal fee. We normally only carry out full insurance valuations on items that are over £1500 - £2000 in value. This is because for most house hold insurance anything under that value would be included in household contents and not listed separately. For probate purposes we only photograph higher valued items and then group low cost items together with a simple descriptor and value. Our goldsmith can also offer free verbal appraisal of items to give you an approximate estimate of value. Please bring any items for appraisal into the shop.

  • We stock the following brands: Stephen Thomas Goldsmith Fine Jewellery; Alex Monroe Goldsmith Designer Jewellery; Yaron Morhaim Designer Jewellery; Rachel Jackson London, Orla Kiely Jewellery, Edblad Jewellery, Fiorelli Silver and Elements Silver and Gold Jewellery; Les Georgettes Cuffs; Kate Hamilton Hunter Silver jewellery; Rosie Fox Jewellery and Silk Scarves, Jos Von Arx Watches; Danish Design Watches; OWL Watches and a small range of Vintage and Antique jewellery. More designs will be added to the website for online selling later this year, please call the shop if you require anything that is not shown on the website.

  • Please note all our brands use non-conflict diamonds, ethically sourced materials and where possible fair trade gold. Stephen Thomas goldsmith also uses Fair Trade gold, ethically sourced silver and non conflict, registered diamonds in his commissioned work.

  • We are a member of the Register of Fairtrade Goldsmiths, which is part of the Fair Trade Foundation. Please visit http://ido.fairtrade.org.uk for further details.

  • We also sell a range of carefully selected antique and vintage jewellery. Occasionally we can buy direct from customers who have vintage or antique jewellery they wish to sell. Please bring the item into the shop for our goldsmith to assess. Please note we no longer take items for 'sale or return' as of April 2018.